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                                                Tipping the Scales Toward Health

January 1, 2016

A new year begins.  Are you prepared?  Have you made a traditional new year's resolution?  Have you put all regrets in the past?  Have you examined your heart for negative emotions like resentment, disappointment, anger, betrayal, or grief?  We all have issues with these emotions whether or not we wish to recognize them or not.  If you practice prayer or meditation, you know these are the emotions which slow your progress.  Take time to examine your feelings, accept them and release them.  Forgiveness is more about the forgiver than those who are forgiven.  If we stay in the past, haunted and harassed by negative conceptions of our own humanity or others' , the present will forever be blurry.  Clear your past regrets.  Let them go.  Release yourself and others from the baggage.  You can still remember without the emotion.  You can still retain the lessons learned.  But by focusing on the positive perspectives of our past and present we fuel a future full of gratitude and compassion.

December 16, 2015

It is once again Flu season.  Many of you will contemplate the Flu vaccine.  Think hard about the decision.  Make sure you read the adverse reactions, side effects and other cautions.  There have been deaths and other serious conseguences to this vaccine.  If you would like to consider options,  Washington Homeopathic Products sells a nosode and remedy, Influenzinum. I have used this  as a nosode for over 15 years with my own family, very successfully I might add.  There was one year my oldest chose to not protect herself with the nosode.  She worked at a daycare at the time and did come down with the Flu.  Two days into her illness she asked to be treated with Infuenzinum.  We used the Influenzinum.  She was almost completely recovered two days later.  Still 3-6 days shorter than normal Flu recovery.  Lesson learned.

If Homeopathy isn't your cup of tea, consider having some herbals nearby: Elderberry capsules, tea or syrup; Teas from Ginger, Thyme, Sage, Turmerric, Cinnamon, Echinacea, all wonderfully antimicrobial.  Let's not forget Grandma's tasty concoctions-Hot Toddy containing tea, honey, lemon juice and whiskey (for adults please), Hot Coco and Peppermint Schnapps( once again adults only).

August 6, 2015

Well, it seems I have not worked diligently enough to keep writing each day.  I must try harder.  
I just arrived home about two weeks ago after 6 weeks learning and teaching in New England.  The weather was so very nice.  I spent most mornings walking in the plants or along the water.  I was awe struck at the International Herb Symposium by a young man, Thomas Easley, who began his herbal career at 14 years of age.  In three sessions roughly 2 hours each he covered the information it took me 15 years of  part time research to pull together.  My life could have been so much healthier with his help.  Ah but we each must travel our own journey.

I also attended the National Qi  Gong Associatian Conference 2015 in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  Favorite Instructors, the first choice in my book was Mark Reinhart.  He was informative, inspirational, light-hearted and comedic.    A session with him was healing in many ways.  The other two Instructors who always  stand-out are Daisy Lee and Franceso Garripoli.  They spoke on relationship Qi Gong.  Yes, energy-work in relationships.  It was quite impressive.  I came home to my children and husband with a better attitude.

So what is the "tip" from this ditty?  Perhaps you would like to attend The International Herb Symposium 2017 or The National Qi Gong Association Conference for 2016.  These are both places to explore ancient and modern modalities in healthcare, as well as making contact with Instructors, Practitioners and Healers.
I will be attending both of these again.  If you would like more information, details, travel, accomodations feel free to contact me at or832-443-8113.

October 1, 2014

Good day.  Today let's examine berries.  What use are berries to your health?  Berries are little, juicy, miracle  units.  Some are just round, sweet and juicy and others are  bumpy, seedy, tart or sour.  Most are rich in color, vibrant reds, deep blues, indigos, and purples (grapes are berries too.).  So why are they juicy miracles?  They are little packages of water, fiber, Vitamins (especially A & C, power houses for the immune system, eyes and blood vessels), minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, etc. as well as micro-nutrients most health care professionals forget to even mention.  I leave for another time to lesson space now.   Another very important note about the berries is those colors also known as pigments.  Hard workers those pigments.  The pigments are where you find the antioxidants.  Antioxidants are basicly scavengers or garbage collectors for the body.  After all the enzyme activity and metabolic reactions of breaking down food, building proteins and fats, exchanging oxygen, there are a lot of free radicals running around your body causing trouble (starting cancers, leading to autoimmune illnesses and dis-eases like Diabetes).  The antioxidants bind with the free radicals so they aren't lonely and causing trouble any more.  They escort them to a safe zone or out of the body.  So what are berries best for but not limited to:  Strawberries and Raspberries help prevent cancer through ellagic acid;  Blueberries and Bilberries  have antioxidant pigments and vitamins that assist the eyes in macular degeneration, and other eye issues, first studied during World War II to on fight pilots in England;  Cranberry stops E. coli causing bladder and urinary tract infections from adhering to internal surfaces, thus allowing the bacteria to wash out of the body.  Hence, no infection build up.  For best berry results consider alternating berries, 1/4-1/2 cup per day.  Before I forget berries decrease the risk of Diabetes due to low glycemic index, water, fiber, vitamins, etc.  Enjoy better health with berry eating.

September 2, 2014

Good day.  I will be attempting to share small tips each month, possibly each week.  We will all have to be surprised.  I have not committed to a project like this before and I have never blogged either.  So let's proceed.

Today I would like each of you to sit down and take a moment or two  just to observe your style of breathing.  Do you breath by expanding your chest?  Does it seem like your stomach is inhaling and exhaling?  Do you belch or burp a lot, yawn?  Perhaps you really are breathing into your stomach.  Or is it  possible you are one of the few who breath deeply, slowly, evenly and smoothly?  If you put your hand on your lower abdomen, beneath your bellybutton, does your belly pouch out when you inhale?  If so you are doing well for many reasons.  

 When you breathe deeply your lungs expand, your diaphram pushes downward into the core of your abdomen compressing the internal organs.  The old blood is squeezed out, the new, freshly oxygenated blood rushes in to give nutrients to all the tissues and cells.  You benefit from the relaxing yet invigorating effects of your own internal massage.  

Take 10 minutes in the morning before starting your day to sit and breathe deeply.  Finish your day with another 10 minutes of deep breathing.  Take note of small changes.  Blood pressure may decrease.  Mind may be more creative, organized and less forgetful.  Shoulders and back may feel more relaxed.  Digestive issues may calm.  Sleep may come easier and be more refreshing.  Be truly inspired.  Breathe deeply.