These fees are assuming Katy, Texas area locations within one hour travel time.  Outside of the one hour travel radius fees will be negotiated.

Private Health Consultations                     

     Primary                                                 $175/hour

​     Brief  (1 hour)                                        $125

     Extended                                             +$2/each minute past                                                                          hour

     Private Qi Gong Lessons                        $80/hour 

     Qi Gong Classes(6 or more students)      $15/hour/person 

Workshops and Lectures                                        $175/hour

     Go to "Plants for Healing" or "Ancient Healing"

     Customized Workshops and Lectures Available Upon Request


Modalities                                                        Topics

Essential Oils                                             The Stress Factor

Homeopathy                                                Hypertension

Naturopathy                                                 Adrenal Fatigue

Herbal Remedies                                         Liver Toxicity

Mind-Body Disciplines                                 Thyroid Support

Stress Reduction                                          Diabetes

Qi Gong                                                        Multiple Sclerosis

Massage                                                       Lupus

Nutrition                                                        Rheumatoid Arthritis

Vitamins                                                        Body Cleansing

Enzymes                                                       Mind, Body, Home Detox

Antioxidants  Add a Topic

Call or email now to discuss how your community members can save money and regain control of their health.  Ask how a series of classes can become a fund-raising project. Group classes may be customized to specific health issues example Multiple sclerosis or Seniors for a negotiated fee..

Client Accompaniment                                   $175/hour

This service is in line with Nurse as Client Advocate.  Too often healthcare providers

speak a different language amongst their peer groups and forget to shift to common English for their clients.  NNP will accompany you to doctor visits, reviews of long term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, etc. to assist in formulating questions, reviewing standards of care, available services as well as other concerns that stress the client and family.

Nurse NaturalPath