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Plant Classes to Enrich Your Life, Health and Beauty

The Kitchen Herb Garden – Sensible, non-toxic, inexpensive first aid elements can be found in the Kitchen Herb Garden.  Before the industrialization of medicine, remedies for health were found all around in nature.  Start your own backyard pharmacy with just a little knowledge to begin experimenting. 

Bountiful Berries-Berries hold the key to better health and vitality. They are rich in color, texture,

water, fiber and nutrients.  Many of the illnesses of the industrialized world can be altered by adding berries to your daily eating.  Strawberries and raspberries have ellagic acid to fend off cancer.  Bilberries and blueberries enhance the health of your eyesight.  Grapes have supplied stress relief, relaxation and an addition to socializing since ancient times. Join us to explore the benefits and varied recipes using berries (maybe a recipe for homemade wine).

Digging Out of Depression

Majestic Mints

Melon Mania-Melons are a fascinating group.  They have been reported to reduce sweet food cravings, relieve the belly bloat of fluid retention, modulate blood pressure and cholesterol, slow aging, calm nervousness and sleep problems, enhance wound healing, and ‘ssshhhh” some are even said to be  aphrodisiacs.  Intrigued yet?  The mystery of many melons will be unveiled.

Pepperazzi-Red, green yellow, orange, peppers come in many colors.  Each presents a beneficial usage.  Some contain high levels of capsaicin which relieves pain.  Others are fiery in foods decreasing gastritis, Montezuma’s revenge, and allergies.  There are even those that require special handling they are so very, very hot tempered.  Can you distinguish the beneficial from the brutal (some are so hot you can use them for self defense at a moment’s notice).

Pest Proof People, Pets & Plants

Petalicious–There are least 42 different garden flowers with edible petals.  Why eat flower petals?  It’s been done throughout history for general nutrition and traditionally as an herbal remedy for all kinds of ailments.   Discover the benefits of a colorful edible garden.
Three seasons of the year in Texas are warm or hot.  Because of this cool refreshment from drinks and salads are popular.  Overcome the years of boredom from the same ingredients by learning the colorful flowers whose petals can add flavor, aroma, beauty and astounding nutrients. Adorn your Sangria, Mojito, Mint Julip or Iced Tea.  Decorate a cake, accent a pie or merely toss extra bright colors and shapes in your salad.

Roses for Romance, Health and Beauty-The Rose has a unique place in floral lore. Its colors, scents, as well as numbers given define relationships.  However, the rose has other uses; add it to your bath water, clean your skin, make an infusion (tea), enhance a salad and “munch more”.  Explore the delights of the rose
(Roses assorted colors).

Sassy Succulents-Texas enjoys the ability to vary landscapes far more than most of the USA.  Why not mix things up in your garden.  Succulents offer food, healing, protection and beauty.  Pose your questions about theses sometimes prickly prizes. (Purslane, Prickly Pear, Aloe, Agave, Yucca, Nopalito)

Serene Citrus -Uses for citrus fruits for cleaning and purifying the home as well as detoxifying and fortifying the mind, body and spirit. (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, etc.)

Sleep/Dream Pillows- Easy no sew sleep aides.  Whether you want more restful, rejuvenating sleep, romantic dreams, clearer vision into your future, release from headaches, allergies, and stuffiness or a quick last minute gift basket for a friend, dream pillows fit the need.  Choose the right herbs to produce a specific effect.  Put them in a small muslin bag.  Pull the tie to clothes the bag.  Tuck it into a pillowcase, put your head down and fall into a deep sleep.  You will leave with a list of supplies and herbs listed by category to easily fill your Dream Pillows.

Teas, Tinctures and Toddies-Your Great Grandmother, maybe even your Grandmother may have made remedies at home in the kitchen for colds, flu, cramps, headaches and other ailments.  My favorites are Swedish Hot Toddy and Irish Hot Toddy, relief for just about anything and that’s how my Grandma used them.  Revisit the early kitchens and these timeless treasures that helped restore health.  But before you will be able to make the remedies, you will need to learn the plants behind the healing.  Taste testing is an option.  

Harness the Hormones-Plants that help balance hormones.  Men and women alike as they age face various hormonal challenges.  There are plants with innate abilities to bolster, balance or bury hormones.  Your sex and situation determine the direction to take.  Sex hormone changes might benefit from Saw palmetto, Chaste Tree, Clary sage, or Pumpkin seeds.  Adrenal exhaustion is assisted by Adaptogenic herbs; ginger, astragulus, ashwanghanda, gingseng, cayenne.  Pancreas function sometimes needs help with Sugar Imbalance: cinnamon, Crepe Myrtle (Banaba leaf), just to name two.

Hurrah for Hedges- English Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), Vitex, Crampbark (Highbush Cranberry), Barberry, Pink Flowered Rosa Rugosa and Blue Skies Rosemary.  When I was young my Grandparents spoke of Hedge Row schools in Southern Ireland.  These were the hidden places that created safety, a place to play and learn in secret, away from parents and soldiers.  But it wasn’t their main purpose. They created a wind break, minimized soil erosion, created habitat for animals and supplied medicines. Chaste Tree to benefit PMS. Hawthorne to help the heart.  Crepe Myrtle modulates blood sugar.   There are others.  Hedges can be a beautiful, useful addition to landscaping. 

Tree Wisdom – The Celts created a whole alphabet based on the trees of their region and poetically recognized their usefulness as remedies.  Native Americans named one tree the Toothache Tree.  Every culture around the world has a use for trees. What benefits can you find in trees? We’ll discuss several trees that grow in Texas and their uses.

Healthy at Home Lotions and Potions for Body Care-Discover the varied ways women of the past and present use the vital life of their gardens to enhance their own beauty and creative spirits. (Great workshop for Christmas)  (Roses, Thyme, Rosemary, Elder, Cardamom)

Poison or Pleasure – Have you any idea of the effects of what is growing in your yard?  There are plants with deadly potential and others which are nutritious, even medicinal. How would you know, where could you find out? 

Bathing Beauties - Which plants or parts of plants can enhance your bath?  That would depend on the hoped for effects.  Name your need.  Calm me!  Wake me up! Ease my anger and frustration!  I want to feel silky and sexy!  No more need to depend on Calgon.

Plants to Charm & Refresh the Senses-Ferns and Ivies are known by many to help clean your home’s air and remove toxins. However, removing toxins just cleans your homes air.  Let’s explore the way we can add to cleaning by imbuing our homes with plants that share refreshing, warm, calming or other wonderful scents.  Smell is one of the most important senses that can reach the brain and alter mind, body and mood. (Citrus, Peace Lilies, Bamboo Palm, Gerbera daisies, Pot Mum, Golden Pothos, Azaleas, Philodendrons, Spider Plants, Corn Plant)

A Plant for Every Season of Eternity-Nature abounds with plants that share their survival adaptations with their animal and human companions.  Discover plants from a new perspective.  Explore the significance of the language of modern herbalists; antibacterial, antiviral, antihelminth, nervine, tonic, bitter, adaptogen and many more.  Familiarize yourself with plants in these categories and how they can assist you to a healthier life.  Become a traditional Herbalist, Great Grandmother would be proud. (Plant choice dependent on marketing season)

Gardening for the Health of Your Children and Grandchildren-Little changes today can bring the next few generations back to a natural way of living.  Generations before intuitively walked through the wild, taught their wisdom to the youth and ensured the continuance of family, clan, tribe, the larger community.  We’ve lost sight of this in the USA.  Pharmaceutical companies have made it too easy to take a pill.  But pills have side effects and some are truly toxic over time.  Join us to recapture the past wisdom and invest in the health of the next generation.  (Plant choice dependent on marketing season).

Weedy Wonders- The perfect outdoor challenge for Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, School Groups or those wanting to reconnect with their innate wild side.  This is a simple introduction to plant parts, families, as well as the food and medicinal uses of plants past and present.

Classes and workshops can be customized to your preferences and organization.