Nurse NaturalPath

Ancient Healing, Energy at Its Best

Self Massage-Explore the various ways of helping yourself and your family through massage techniques.  A small amount of time invested can give a lifetime of comfort, stress reduction, pain relief and quite possibly healing from dis-ease.  Reflexology, Acupressure, Tu na, Qi Gong.

Popping Bubbles-An incredibly easy method to teach children a little Reflexology and hopefully they will rub your feet once in awhile.

Radiant Lotus Womens' Qigong (RLWQ) -This is a practice using self massage, healing sounds, as well as intention to bring balance back to the body.  The full practice takes an hour and a half but once learned can be adapted to the difficulty of the day.  May benefit PMS, Peri-menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause, Cysts, Fibroids, Heavy flow, Excessive Clotting, Hormonal Emotions, More Alert Intuition, and much more.  It all depends on the consistent time invested in practice. Cover all Five Pillars of Qi Gong - Breath, Intention, Movement, Massage and Herbal Remedies.

Organ Cleansing and Strengthening Routine-Movement with attention to intention becomes a meditation in motion.  It is amazing to grasp the impact of the simplest action when focused and guided creating a space in time which heals the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Embrace this routine to turn back the hands of time and the difficulties of dis-ease.  The Chinese believe a Five Element Theory which melds the organs of the body with emotions, seasons, colors, and nutrition.  Take small steps in the journey to see life more poetically and in light of quantum science, energy medicine. Based on all Five Pillars of Qi Gong - Breath, Intention, Movement, Massage and

Herbal Remedies.

Qi Gong & Tea-Qigong is breathing, meditation and slow movement but should it include acupressure, sound and herbal remedies (teas, infusions & decoctions)? This workshop will include all of the above, the decision if, when and how to include these techniques is very personal. This will not be a typical quiet time. I will ask you to sound-off often and with purpose. You will leave with a short clip of herbs and spices listing their healing benefits.

Qi Gong for Non-Neurotypical Neurodevelopment (Headaches, ADD, ADHD, ASD, Autism)-So far apart in terms of ability to adapt to social requirements and norms, however, these are judgements made as an outside observer. Perhaps the reality is very different. What if all the above labels were changeable, not a life-long difficulty?

Qigong uses massage (energy or/plus physical touch) neutral compassion, breathing, attention with intention and sometimes herbal remedies to effect change. Perhaps change is possible, better health and well-being on a continuum. This is Qigong! This is where miracles begin! This is science at its highest level!

"Everything in life is vibration." Albert Einstein

Stress Reduction Qi Gong: Monkey Mind, Monkey Moves-Train your mind and body to adapt to stress immediately using breathing, movement and a little Sherlock Holmes Movie Technique. The Five Pillars of Qi Gong will be introduced - Breathing, Intention, Movement, Massage and Herbal Remedies as well as some of the relations between emotions and the Five Elements and Organ Meridians.

Homeopathy Primer-A much misunderstood 200 year old remedy system based in plants, animals, minerals and more.  This system has been maligned as placebo almost from the beginning.  However, science studies have been exposing many medicines as placebos, roughly 30% of reactions to medicines are placebo.  Albert Einstein prefers to think “Everything in life is vibration.”  I agree.  Homeopathy is an energy medicine which stimulates the mind and immune system through frequency or “signature” to alter the body’s reactions either to prepare for an assault or to activate the proper response to begin healing from injury or illnesses.  Gather the tools to use this non-toxic, inexpensive system for the health of yourself, family and friends.

Aromatherapy, Essential Oil First Aid Kit- There is recorded history going back in Chinese culture, Jewish, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and more describing the manufacture and uses of Essential oils.  In this session we will discuss Lavender (depression, burns, infections), Thyme (sore throats, swollen lymph nodes), Oregano (fungal infections, Athlete’s Foot), Tee Tree (lice, scabies), Lemon Balm (depression), Frankincense (depression, ceremony), Myhrr (wound care, ceremony) and others depending on interest of class and time available. These are just a sampling of oils and uses that can be expanded to volumes of books.  You will receive notes and a book list for future study.

Detoxifying Nutrition-Foods to clean your insides and open your body to stronger healing.  There are easy changes that enhance life, energy, and livelihood; lemon, grapefruit, mushrooms, herbs, grass-fed beef (buffalo), eggs (yes eggs are really good for you, some say the perfect food, essential), flaxseed meal and more.