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Our clients are not the typical go to the doctor, get a prescription and be content kind of people.  They have been through an overwhelmed system full of technicians trying to follow the standard logarithms of care.

The standard procedures have failed them. They are looking for original, adaptable answers.  The clients of NNP want answers. However, more than that, they want to be part of their own healthcare team.  They want to be at the head of the table to listen to the options, bring some options of their own for review and comment.  But in the end they recognize "This is my life, my choice, my responsibility, my consequences."  NNP hopes to empower its clients with knowledge, build confidence and trust, which leads to better results.

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NNP recognizes the difficulty finding appropriate as well as inexpensive healthcare.  NNP's goal is to teach rather than diagnose or prescribe.  You bring the issues.  NNP presents education on remedies from various modalities, such as medical drugs, surgeries, lifestyle changes, eating behaviors, exercise routines, mind body practices, breathing work, massage techniques, herbs, vitamins, minerals, aroma therapy (essential oils), homeopathy and more.  NNP promises to give enough information for you, the client to make the right choice that fits your lifestyle and support you as you make adjustments with the least amount of financial burden we can offer.. 

  • Traditional Remedies from the Kitchen Garden and Pantry
  • Foods for Detoxification and Cleansing
  • Aromatherapy 101
  • Homeopathy Primer
  • The Art of Popping Bubbles (Teaching Kids and the Family Simple Massage Techniques)
  • ​Detoxification and Cleansing QiGong
  • ​Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong

Helping you find your way to homeostasis naturally.

Life is about balance.  Prioritizing what matters and making the time to live a life full of dreams that actually come true. 

NNP can be your liason and advocate in life's medical arena.

  • NNP helps by offering natural options to everyday ailments
  • NNP empowers you to make the healthcare choices that fit with the lifestyle you want
  • When needed NNP will translate difficult medical terminology and treatment issues​

Our founder, Cynthia Graham RN, BSN, Traditional Naturopath, Certified Qi Gong Instructor, Certified Aroma Therapist has more than 20 years of healthcare experience in creative settings such as barns, archeological sites, campgrounds, as well as doctor's office, hospitals and schools.  

NNP is the culmination of years of training and travel with experts in various holistic modalities around the world from the USA to Ireland, Italy, Japan, China and more.